A Survivors and Whistleblowers’ Perspective and its Lessons

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Stealing Lives Book By Authors Countess Sigrid von Galen and Rafael Viola

Stealing Lives

Systemic Child Abuse and the Smokescreens of Organised Vatican Criminality

By Countess Sigrid von Galen and Rafael Viola

In this powerful book Rafael Viola shares his story of surviving five Catholic institutions, all of which subjected him to terror, torture, abuse, and other organised criminality.

Available in English and German


'This book is not just about telling Rafael’s story but also takes a wider look at the bigger picture of organised church crimes and their cover ups worldwide, and connects the dots from many angles and perspectives, including the various international inquiries into child sexual abuse, and how they were sabotaged.’


‘My name is Rafael Viola. I am 64 years old, and I am a survivor of child abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church. It was only ten years ago where I admitted this, confronted this and began the journey of healing and dealing with my suppressed emotions.’


‘The nuns put me into a cupboard again, and were saying horrible things to me, like:’You are the devil.’ They locked me up in it completely naked for the whole day. It was pitch black and I had no idea, what time it was or what was happening. It was absolutely horrifying.’


‘A pattern of organised criminality and silencing strategy of discrediting and slandering survivors, their families and friends was emerging painting a picture of a perpetrator culture with far reaching tentacles and close knit local, national and international hidden associations using the means of Omertà as in freemasonry and Mafia.’


‘Children and women are treated like commodities by the churches, and the maltreatment and cover ups part of the perpetrator culture. It is well documented, how religious orders cater for organised criminality circuits under abuse of corrupted seals of authority and immunity.’



Stealing Lives

by Countess Sigrid von Galen and Rafael Viola

Stealing Lives Book by Authors Countess Sigrid von Galen and Rafael Viola

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