Whistleblower Rafael Viola

Rafael Viola

Rafael Viola is a survivor and whistleblower of child abuse in the Catholic Church. He was abused in six Catholic institutions, all known for their notoriety, systemic abuse and organised criminality. Since the IICSA, where he was a core participant and survivor ambassador, he has been tirelessly campaigning for the exposure of these heinous crimes of the Vatican and for justice and the removal of statutory limitations in cases of historic abuse. Croome Court is especially in his focus, as the nuns committed and covered up even murders and were never investigated for them.

Countess Sigrid von Galen

Countess Sigrid von Galen

Countess Sigrid von Galen is an independent researcher and interdisciplinary specialist consultant, whistleblower, writer, poet, therapist and artist. She has been a trailblazer in the exposure of systemic abuse and the smokescreens of organised Vatican criminality. Late in life she was informed that she is the secret granddaughter of the Lion of Münster , Clemens August Graf von Galen, whose sermons against the Nazis were dropped over Germany by the RAF. Countess Sigrid von Galen was always an assassination target of the Vatican, as she started to write from her teenage years and had been critical of the churches for decades, until 2011 challenging them from within.